When Looking Out for Ourselves Isn’t Enough

The other day, I tried to find an old post of mine on Facebook in which I mentioned MLK. I didn’t find what I was seeking, but I found another instead. Strangely enough, this post does not mention Martin Luther King, Jr., MLK, or any variation of his name, but the powers of Facebook pulled it up for me anyway. This is a post from November 10, 2016.

Move On Up #2

Move On Up #2: Photo from Flickr

The post received 24 likes and five loves, 11 comments, and one share.

In one of the comments, my friend wrote, “This is worthy of a Medium post.”

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Dealing with Long-Term Stress

I am someone who has worked in many jobs since I was a teenager. Some of my occupational transitions stemmed from personal choice. Other times they were driven by funding (not always a guarantee in the nonprofit sector). Sometimes it was due to organizational changes or economic issues beyond my control. One responsibility that I have had throughout all of these jobs has been working with people to manage stress.


Photo from Flickr

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