I’ve been giving raw insights for real life since junior high.

When I was a preteen, friends asked for my thoughts on how to approach crushes, fashion, parents, and parties.

Now that I’m an adult, people seek my insights (and sometimes advice) on all of the things mentioned above and so much more: careers, education, vacations, dating, and other complicated situations.

I got my first taste of blogging on Create Your Campus, which provided students tips for surviving and thriving in higher education. I continue to be passionate about education, but I realize that education isn’t just about school. It’s about learning whether or not you’re a student.

For some reason, friends and strangers alike have determined that I could be trusted with their stories and trusted for guidance. Sometimes I like to think that’s because I have a wealth of knowledge, but other times I think it’s more that I offer a wealth of honesty.

In today’s world, it’s so easy to filter your friends, comments, and pictures. I’m just here to give you an unfiltered snapshot of my thoughts on life ranging from the personal to the professional to the global.


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