Living Like a Bubble Girl

Photo is of blue abstract spheres.
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Bubble Girl Unfiltered Snapshot

Since the holiday season, there has been a new wave of people contracting COVID-19. In the time of Omicron, Lindsay is sharing how her friends and their families are managing with their exposures to the virus, how the pandemic is causing staff shortages in hospitals, and how local governments and business are responding to the uptick in cases. She also discusses how the pandemic has provided her with a new appreciation for the prayer time that was integral to her faith-based education. As the current wave of the virus continues, Lindsay contemplates the power of giving less space to certain people and things in her life. 

Yesterday I recorded the podcast episode Bubble Girl. That is because living in this pandemic has me feeling like a bubble girl. I am not surprised by this; I am simply processing what it means to live in this stage of the pandemic.

We are past the creation of vaccines and boosters. A month ago, medical experts started sharing Why you should upgrade your mask as the Omicron variant spreads. According to the AP News headline, the White House soft-launches COVID-19 test request website.

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Photo is of a beach with a blue and cloudy sky with the sun and peach tones in the background.
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I am no stranger to talking about love. Throughout the years, I have written about it in I Fall in Love, When Love Is Not Enough for Justice, Let People Love You: Community Care Knows No Boundaries, My Anniversary, and more. As you can tell from my posts, I discuss love in a number of contexts.

However, I live in a society where people tend to talk about love through very limited and specific contexts. If I say love, people often think about romance and passion first. If it is not the love of a partner or spouse, they think about love within a family context like the relationship between a parent and child, between siblings, or between a person and any number of people in their extended family.

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Where Do We Go from Here?

Photo is of two bumper stickers on a black car. The top one has an image of Donald Trump and says, "They're not really after me. They're after you. I'm just in the way." The bottom one says, "Stand up for your country."
Photo by L. Laguna

This morning I recorded the latest episode of the Unfiltered Snapshot podcast Honoring MLK: A Day Off or On? This upcoming Monday is Martin Luther King Jr. Day. In the week leading up to this holiday, I have reflected on how I have seen MLK Day being acknowledged in my current life, in my binge watching of TV shows, and in the early years of my career with two AmeriCorps programs. I invite you to listen to this episode as I examine the different ways that people choose to honor MLK on this special day.

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Revisiting Older Versions of Me

Photo is of Lindsay taking a selfie and wearing a purple beanie, black gaiter that is covering her face from the nose and down, purple down coat, and blue lanyard with white text. It is snowing, and there is lots of snow covering the parking lot in the background. There are also a few buildings in the background.
Photo by L. Laguna

The New Year brings renewed interest in keeping up with hobbies. For me, this means recording new episodes of my podcast Unfiltered Snapshot on Anchor. You can find the podcast on multiple platforms, including Spotify and Apple Podcasts. My first three episodes of the year are up. I invite you to listen to Something New (S3, E1), It’s Our Anniversary (S3, E2), and Let It Snow (S3, E3) if you have not already.

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Mixed Messages

Photo is the top view of a lit white candle with a black background.
Photo by L. Laguna

This morning, I lit the candle in the photo above. I was hoping it could add warmth to my place. Why? I woke up without heat. As I started typing this sentence, I received word from the maintenance man of my building that the heat turned back on. I should start to feel it soon. That is a relief. If you listened to Something New, the latest episode of my podcast also titled Unfiltered Snapshot, you would know that my first morning of the new year has been heatless. I have layered up so I am fine, but my fingers remain cold as I type this post.

I hope this is not a bad sign of the new year. My hope is that it shows with a bit more perseverance, I too will survive and thrive in 2022. Oh yeah, Happy New Year!

How has the start of your new year been?

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