Looking Beyond the Bright Side

A week ago, a friend saw me and asked about a public meeting I had attended for my town. Within the next couple years, my local transit system will implement multiple renovation projects that will inconvenience residents from my town as well as the surrounding areas. I had been telling my friend about these projects for months, and she wanted an update the day after I had attended the meeting.

I summarized the highlights of the meeting and described how I had voiced my opinions on the poor planning of the renovation. After I vented my frustrations, she pointed out that I at least had spoken up for myself. I looked at her warm smile and paused. I could tell she had good intentions to comfort me. She is like that with everyone.

I responded, “It’s okay. We don’t have to focus on the silver lining all the time.” I went on to explain that the situation was what it was. There was no need to doll it up. She then understood that she did not have to bring up the bright side in that moment.


Photo from Flickr

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