Revisiting Older Versions of Me

Photo is of Lindsay taking a selfie and wearing a purple beanie, black gaiter that is covering her face from the nose and down, purple down coat, and blue lanyard with white text. It is snowing, and there is lots of snow covering the parking lot in the background. There are also a few buildings in the background.
Photo by L. Laguna

The New Year brings renewed interest in keeping up with hobbies. For me, this means recording new episodes of my podcast Unfiltered Snapshot on Anchor. You can find the podcast on multiple platforms, including Spotify and Apple Podcasts. My first three episodes of the year are up. I invite you to listen to Something New (S3, E1), It’s Our Anniversary (S3, E2), and Let It Snow (S3, E3) if you have not already.

You will notice some changes from Episode 1 to Episode 3 of Season 3. For Episode 3, I added an introduction and closing segments with music. Why did I not do that for previous episodes? I did not know that function existed. I figured there was a way to do it, but I never had enough time and energy before to figure it out. Like many of you navigating multiple aspects of your life, I do not always have the capacity to do everything as perfectly as I would like; however, I try not to let perfect be the enemy of good. If I had waited for perfection to start a podcast, I would have never initiated it in the first place.

Actually, If you look at Seasons 1 and 2 of the podcast, you will notice there is not much consistency. If you have been following this blog and its social media accounts, you will recognize all 11 episodes Season 1 as being my Lunch with Lindsay series.

Why I add that series to a podcast after I already posted videos of it online? My friend and former co-host Becky encouraged me to add Lunch with Lindsay episodes to Anchor. When I mentioned that I did not know much about editing, she said I did not need to do that. This is why you will notice in both the video and podcast versions of the series that there was no editing at all. The way I thought about it, the lack of editing truly showed how “unfiltered” the series really was.

Why did I stop recording the Lunch with Lindsay series? It became difficult for my friends to record an actual lunch time or any time with me in real life. Everyone knows that in adult life this is inevitable. That is when I unofficially decided to start Season 2 of my podcast.

Why were there only two episodes of Season 2? Well, then I barely had capacity to record any video or podcast even by myself. Why? If you read previous blog posts like Funding for Myself or Under Reconstruction, the reasons for my reduced capacity should be obvious. When you are someone with a life like mine, recording only two episodes of Season 2 is not a failure; the fact that you recorded two episodes at all is a blessing.

Now here we are in Season 3, and I have already recorded three episodes within a week of each other. That is beyond a blessing after all that I have endured. I have nothing but gratitude for that.

If you listened to Let It Snow, you know that I had a fun snow day yesterday. As much as I enjoy the medium of podcasts, they do not allow you to visually experience my stories; therefore, I posted the photo above to show you my time playing in the snow. As I mentioned in the podcast, I had not played in the snow since I was a kid.

When is the last time you played in the snow? Where was it? What did you do?

What hobbies and interests, old or new, are you beginning or revisiting in 2022?

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