Lunch with Lindsay: Election Month

Election 2020 feels like ages ago. Why am I posting this video only now?

Well, 2020.

In Fall 2020, I was focused on my full-time job as an assistant director in my department; teaching a course for a second job; managing medical plans and care; serving on the board of a women’s empowerment organization; serving on the leadership team of an antiracist group; getting onboarded onto my hospital’s patient and family advisory council; reconnecting with a diversity, equity, and inclusion professional development program that I completed in the past; and as I continue to write … possibly engaging in more than I should have in the fall.

What can I say? As a cancer patient and survivor, I have needed activities to keep me connected with others. Now most of that connection has been virtual, but that is what I have had to do in the name of my health during this ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

By the way, this video is not solely about Election 2020. It is a snapshot of what life was like for my friend and me during that month. Although I recorded this video less than two months ago, it feels like a few eras ago in American history. The recordings for Lunch with Lindsay are partially like talk shows and partially like home videos for me. They are a sign of the times.

As it gets colder, it does get harder to do socially distanced activities. Someday soon, I would love to have these conversations like the one I did for Lunch with Lindsay: Election Month be in person rather than by Zoom.

Until that day comes, these virtual conversations will continue to be my main mode of communication.

Photo is of an "I Voted" sticker with an American flag.
Photo from Flickr

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