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I am examining what I depend on for security, and I encourage all of you to do the same. Neither you nor I may be an insurrectionist or domestic terrorist, but we all depend on something or someone for security.

The Trump supporters I know depend on him for security because he advances their capital gain. Who or what do you depend on for gain of any type in your life? 

Is it your partners, parents, guardians, siblings, relatives, friends, bosses, jobs, investments, properties, or other people and assets? 

What are the benefits of depending on them for security? 

What are the tradeoffs? 

There is always a tradeoff. 

What tradeoffs have you been willing to make in the name of security, and are those tradeoffs worth continuing?

2 thoughts on “Security

  1. Thank you for posing this timely question.

    For me the answer is complicated. As one who identifies as a Christ follower, I would love to say that it is to Him I readily turn for my security. In reality, more often than not, I may eventually get there, but I start elsewhere. My sense of ethics and values. Political institutions. Distinguished people to whom I look as keepers of wisdom and good insights. My job and finances. My health. The support of friends and family. My privilege.

    And yet 2020 seems to have rocked all of those in some way or another. And there have been many times, especially in the past year, when I have gone to God and asked, “why? Why don’t You do something? This just isn’t fair.” Despite my faith profession, I often don’t get to Him till I have tried the stuff above that seen their and my limits. Then I come to Him expecting Him to “change the world,” only to be disappointed when I don’t see the changes I want and the return to the security I expect to be there.

    I feel awkward sharing this because it probably sounds antiquated to be talking about sorting out security with a being I can’t see or touch. And I would like to say that my faith is always rock solid in finding security in God. But often it isn’t. It is what and where I find myself coming back to, though, when everything else is shaken. But in the end, God has been there. Just not often in the way, and in the time, and in the face, and in the voice that I would expect.

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