Lunch with Lindsay: Talking Protests, Race, LGBTQ Issues, Cancer, Mental Health, Spirituality, and More

We did it again. My friend Becky and I created another Lunch with Lindsay video yesterday since our Monday lunch got interrupted with the installation of my AC by the maintenance man.

I specifically wanted to have a talk in which I compared my thoughts and experiences with cancer to those with racism. While that was a part of the dialogue, you will find out in the video that a text I received right before we were about to record our video ended up shifting my attention to other aspects of current protests against racial injustice. (If you want to learn more about what I originally wanted to discuss, read If Racism Were a Cancer.)

In our very organic and unscripted conversation, we grappled with protests, race, LGBTQ issues, cancer, mental health, spirituality, military, and more. If you watch the whole video above, you can observe how my friend and I truly give our unedited perspectives.

Why did I not edit these first two videos? I want to show the truth of what it is to have a thoughtful, honest, and vulnerable dialogue about race and intersecting issues in America.

In the future, I might present more digestible clips for those who have only a few minutes to watch the highlight reel. For now, I am sticking to giving you an unfiltered snapshot of my life going through cancer treatment during a global pandemic and an era of racial tension in America.

If you had an unfiltered conversation with your friend about these issues, what would you say?

Photo from Flickr

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