Start Your Day on a Positive Note

When you wake up each morning, you truly have no clue what will happen that day.

Yes, you may have a schedule. You may have a plan, but it does not matter. Nobody truly knows what will happen that day.


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This was made clear to me when I used to plan events as part of my old job. I worked for a public school district, and it was my job to promote college readiness initiatives citywide for students, families, and teachers.

No matter how much I revised the agenda, collaborated with community partners, and followed up with vendors, there was bound to be one piece of the puzzle that didn’t fall into place easily. Maybe a speaker got sick, a performer got stuck in traffic, or the microphone didn’t work although the sound was checked beforehand. Even when everyone makes an honest effort to do their part, there is always some part of the universe that we cannot control.

This is why we have to prepare our mindset before we even start our day.

We can prepare our mindset by starting our day on a positive note. We start on a positive note by giving ourselves daily inspiration to be at peace despite what events may come our way.

A few years ago, I came across a meditation book to guide me through a stressful time in my life. It’s called The Language of Letting Go: Daily Meditations on Codependency.

Wow, that’s a pretty heavy-sounding book, isn’t it? I thought so too. In fact, it sounded so heavy that I didn’t think my problems were serious enough to purchase such a book. However, after I skimmed through a few meditations, I realized how applicable the message of each one was to anyone.

For instance, some titles of the meditations include “Taking Care of Ourselves,” “Temporary Setbacks,” and “Clear Thinking.” If you’re like me, you would not label yourself as a “codependent.” If you’re like me though, you probably could use a brief daily reminder about taking care of yourself, managing temporary setbacks, and focusing on clear thinking.

While I am a fan of this book, I am not exclusively promoting this book. I am encouraging you to find some source for daily inspiration to start your day. It could be this book. It could be another book. It could be anything that will train you to create a positive intention for each day.

What do you do to start your day on the right note?

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